Spiritual Health And Well-being During COVID-19 — Sangram Lad

Spiritual Health And Well-being During COVID-19

The pandemic has been one of the hardest and most challenging times in the history of the universe.

The pandemic came at an unexpected time and hit the world by storm. Naturally, it has had adverse impacts on society and everyone. The pandemic has affected people’s spirituality and general well-being. Therefore, taking care of your mind and body has never been so important as right now.

Spiritual Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

Spiritual health is one of the most challenging terms to define. It is an aspect of wellness that is achieved when you feel at peace with life. Feelings of hope and comfort characterize spiritual health.

The pandemic has caused a lot of spiritual distress. The spiritual distress has left people believing that the world is no longer a safe place.

Most people associate spiritual well-being with God. However, even if you do not believe in orthodox spirituality and God, spirituality can stem from believing in a higher power.

Reasons Why Spiritual Health Is Essential During The Pandemic

Ways To Maintain Your Spiritual Health And Well-being During COVID-19

Below are some tips for how you can maintain your spiritual health amidst the pandemic;

You can use the media to gather with other people and reaffirm your spirituality. Seeing people and talking to people will also help you deal with the mental health challenges like stress and anxiety-related with the pandemic.

Final Word

When people go through the issues mentioned above, they turn to tribal ceremonies or group gatherings to re-establish their spiritual well-being. However, the pandemic and the resulting social distancing guidelines have made it impossible for people to turn these channels. This has made it worse for most people.

However, the internet is currently swarmed with spiritualists and life coaches like Sangram Lad who are helping people rediscover their spirituality and well-being during the pandemic. For instance, Sangram Lad recommends workouts like pilates and yoga for spiritual health and well-being.

Spiritual & motivational public speaker, writer, author, healer and advisor.

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