What Can Avid World Travellers Do During A Global Pandemic? — Sangram Lad

What Can Avid World Travellers Do During A Global Pandemic? — Sangram Lad

Guide to Travelling During a Pandemic

Major occurrences like political tension, war and natural disasters affect how people travel around the world, both for business and travel & tourism. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic influenced travel worldwide due to lockdowns and the fear of catching the virus while on travel. However, scientists have provided guidelines on how one can help prevent the virus’s spread and protect themselves.

Therefore, you don’t have to cancel your holiday arrangements as long as your planned destination is welcoming international flights. This article is about what avid travellers worldwide can do during a pandemic, according to advisors like Sangram Lad.

Is it Safe to Travel During the Pandemic?

It is hard not to travel if you are used to touring new places every year, but you also need to consider the possibility of catching the virus if you plan to travel during a global pandemic. Apart from the risk of getting infected, there is also the risk of being stranded in a foreign country if a country closes its borders and cancels all international flights to limit the spread of the virus.

They’re also encouraging aspects like the increasing innovations and policies that help prevent the spread of the virus. For example, most accommodation places have put up measures to prevent the spread of the virus among visitors, and the same applies in most airlines.

What to do When Travelling During a Pandemic

The lifting of travel restrictions in most countries has opened up international travel. However, travellers are still required to follow the World Health Organisation’s guidelines on preventing COVID-19 to stop the spread of the virus and protect themselves. You can do the following to protect yourself if you have decided to travel during a pandemic.

Before Travel

If you are planning to travel internationally, it is advisable to check your country’s latest advice and the country you are travelling to. Some of the issues to check include the possibility of travel restrictions or lockdowns, quarantine or screening requirements and the risk of exposure. To avoid getting into trouble with the authorities, ensure that you know the mandatory Covid 19 prevention measures in your destination country.

You should also check what impact the pandemic will have on your travel insurance coverage, more so in areas like medical repatriation. Your travel insurance provider may have a different approach if you stay for longer than the planned period due to quarantining or a sudden lockdown.

Air Travel

According to IATA research published in October 2020, only a few coronavirus cases were traced back to a flight journey out of the 1.2 billion passengers during the period. Aircraft have air filters that keep the air quality safe by filtering viruses and other pathogens. Now, the mandatory use of face masks in aircraft adds a new layer of protection. Other things you can do to protect yourself and others while onboard an aircraft include;

  • Avoid travelling if you are feeling unwell and experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

At Your Destination

You can protect yourself from the virus by strictly following all the World Health Organisation COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Also, ensure that the accommodation you choose and the attractions you choose to visit are following these guidelines.

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