Why Is Fasting Spiritual?

Why Is Fasting Spiritual?


Fasting has always been associated with physical and medical benefits that have made it more popular in recent times. The body is normally deprived of food hence the body takes a break from processing food, feeds on fat stores and cells go on repair mode, regenerating new cells as old ones are destroyed.

Spiritual Fasting Soul Cleansing

Fasting, however, as taught by Sangram Lad has a spiritual aspect to it. It is an embodiment of the spiritual discipline. Through fasting, the physical body is manipulated to get access to the spiritual dimension, understanding and feeding the soul. Practicing the spiritual discipline of fasting helps one unlock a lot of possibilities.

Spiritual Strengthening and Clarity

Through fasting, the spirit is strengthened as it is exercised. With stronger willpower, you get to control the things we consume in all life areas. Fasting helps choose to follow higher and better principles and do away with lower desires. It gets you to take control of your body instead of following appetites that assert themselves on us. With self-restraint, one can set goals and develop character through practice.

Energy Replenishing

During fasting, the body is deprived and is on a break hence all the energy can be directed towards exploring and strengthening your spirituality and faith.

Tuning To The World At Large

Practicing spiritual fasting helps us build our awareness and focus. During fasting, one gets a sense of connection with the universe. You get to free yourself from being self-centered and the confines of your wants and needs

Intensification Of Faith And Connection To God

Spiritual fasting helps strengthen our faith and connection to God. The body is deprived of physical and emotional needs and wants which are a distraction to our fundamental focus on our faith and connection to God.

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