What Is The Best Way To Improve Life?

What Is The Best Way To Improve Life?


People are always on a quest to find ways to improve their lives. Philosophers have always come up with various aspects of what constitutes a good life and what makes it worth living for each one.

The driving force behind much of our behaviour is attributed to the need to satisfy psychological needs. These are key determinants in experiencing or improving life. Spirituality comes up as a basic element as a means embraced in improving life.

Embracing spiritual health is the best way to improve life. Sangram Lad is a healer and spiritual author. Sangram talks of taking care of your body as well as the mind to improve your wellbeing thus improving life.


Achieving body wellness requires watching your diet. One has to make sure you eat healthy and right. Instead of junk food and fast foods, Sangram Lad recommends investing in vegetables, fruits, herbal medicine, and freshwater. It improves the quality of life by maintaining the body’s well-being.


Spirituality as an element is the way to achieve wellness as one has to have peace of mind and feel at ease with life. Sangram speaks of spiritual health being characterized by people feeling comfort and hope.

Mental mindfulness is the key to a good life with having practices that improve life. Practices that stem from spirituality include meditation and believing in a higher power. People always look for purpose and meaning in their lives trying to improve the quality of their lives. Placing faith in a higher power gives people hope and peace-giving a clear conscience boosting spiritual health.

Practices that boost spiritual wellbeing include working out. Sangram recommends yoga and pilates as they help with anxiety and stress elimination. Working out, although associated with physical wellbeing, is a good spiritual health boost.

Exploring the spiritual core helps improve the quality of life of an individual. People ought to ask themselves questions about their true identity and the meaning of their lives. Evaluating and knowing yourself better deeply gives a person satisfaction having peace of mind having found purpose and fulfilment.

Boosting spiritual health can also be achieved through analyzing current patterns that help one take control of their lives, having their own experiences as a guide through life. Taking control of your own life gives a healthy lifestyle, improving their lives.

Different psychological problems such as anxiety and stress impact people’s lives thus developing physical and mental problems. Dealing with such problems keeps one on a spiritual health balance that improves life.


When talking about spiritual health, meditation is an important aspect that cannot be missed as it helps boost spiritual wellbeing by taking care of the mind. Meditation improves a sense of calmness, attentiveness, patience, and empathy, etc.

When meditating, stress and having lots of thoughts get reduced, and the mind becomes focused and gains mental clarity in life. Lad recommends meditation as a way of improving life as it boosts you emotionally, mentally and physically.

With spiritual meditation, you get to look deep into your core and connection with a higher power. Meditation helps you focus on the most important things like your connection with God, yourself, and others. It strengthens the bonds we have with our family, love life, health, and friends. Strengthening your connection with God’s emperors and strengthens an individual.

Different aspects of spirituality like meditation ensure the improvement of life through physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Spiritual & motivational public speaker, writer, author, healer and advisor.

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