What are the Objectives of Fasting?

Sangram Lad

Many of us think that fasting is a duty we have to our God to show our love and devotion. While that might be true, fasting is also about us. It is not more about what we are giving up (food and drinks) but what we are making room for in the process; we exchange the essential things we need to survive for God and improved wellbeing. That said, here are a few objectives of fasting:

To cleanse the soul

Fasting provides a beautiful opportunity to remember that these bodies do not belong to us but to God. When you don’t eat, you give your body a break from normal digestion and allow your spirit to be detoxed. By fasting, you cleanse your soul and make it new to receive God in a new way.

To get a new desire for God.

Through fasting, we acknowledge that we need God more than we need food to survive. By doing so, a person begins to desire God in a new way and understands that God is the sustainer of life, and He wants us to get closer to him through fasting, meditation, and prayer.

To get deeper praise.

Typically, when you fast, your body will not have a lot of work with digestion. Therefore, it will have more energy to focus on different things. Also, your mind will not be consumed with what you will eat next, so you will have extra time and energy to devote to God. You will have enough time to think about all the things the Lord has done for you, and by the time you are done fasting, you will be full of praises for His kind and wonderful acts.

To get new satisfaction.

By the time you are done fasting, you will be detoxed, full of energy, and having a new desire for God. You will realize that you’ve gained a lot from the fast, way more than you would have if you just prayed without fasting. You will find a new satisfaction that you never had before.

To prevent yourself from contemplating sin.

Human beings make mistakes and commit sins. This is likely to happen when you are full. Your soul will crave sin and transgressions. But when you are hungry, your body will be craving for nothing more but food and drink.

Benefits of fasting

Fasting has emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. Now that I have covered the spiritual aspect, here are other benefits of fasting.

  • The whole fasting process can help you acquire life-changing habits such as patience, discipline, sincerity, and the will to do things.
  • It can promote insulin sensitivity in the body, thus maintaining healthy blood pressure, healthier weight, lower cholesterol levels, and reduced overall risk of diabetes.
  • Fasting can promote a healthy gut, enhancing your digestive and immune system.
  • Fasting can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body.
  • It helps develop better social and moral values for a better society.

Wrapping up

It is essential to be strong spiritually during these challenging times than ever before. Unfortunately, many people are finding it difficult to stay devoted to God and are feeling hopeless. But with the internet filled with legit spiritualists and life coaches like Sangram Lad, you can worry less. They can help you rediscover your spirituality and wellbeing during these challenging times.



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Sangram Lad

Sangram Lad

Spiritual & motivational public speaker, writer, author, healer and advisor.