Should You Set High Expectations For Your Goals In Life? — Sangram Lad

Should You Set High Expectations For Your Goals In Life?

It is good to set high expectations for your goals in life because, in this manner, you get to work extra hard to see your dreams materialise. But be keen in the process to not be realistic because if by bad luck things do not go in your favour, it does not affect you that much.

In whatever situation that you are in, make sure your expectations are reasonable. Certain areas in your life will require you to set high expectations, such as your job because this is an area in which you are determined to excel.

Your health deserves all the high expectations so that everything should not seem like a struggle. When faced with a pandemic or a crisis, many of our dreams are shattered or put to a halt. Things like your mental health, too, are compromised.

Mental Health During Lockdown

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were forced to stay home every day from morning till evening with nothing to do, no way to fend for their families and loved ones. Lockdown brought about distress since it negatively affected people. Most of them lost their jobs or were put on indefinite unpaid leave.

A good percentage of citizens develop depression and anxiety disorders, which negatively impact their well-being. Having nothing to do forced some to engage in drug and substance abuse and heightened alcohol consumption.

Lockdown brought about worry and restlessness because people were worried about how they were going to survive in the coming days if at all they will be able to stay alive because, during the first wave of the pandemic, the situation was agitated. The number of people who were dying from the virus was alarming.

Youths, people who had lost their jobs, parents and health workers on the frontline are among the most affected groups. Mental illnesses are heightened among these groups of people and the most v common ones are depression and anxiety.

Taking It Easy On Yourself

Do not beat yourself up if you do not meet your expectations. You are human and such things are bound to happen. Give yourself room for failure and improvements because it is only in this manner that you get to learn and avoid setbacks.

You will not always have it your way every time. If you want situations to be perfect, then you will need patience and plenty of practice.

Setting Easy Life Goals Or Making A Big Life Goal

The type of goals you set in your life will determine the kind of life you will live. If you set easy life goals, you will always be satisfied with the average. Therefore, you will never see the need to go the extra mile or strive to have the best life.

Easy life goals make you lazy. Therefore, you lack vision. Sangram Lad encourages us to have a vision first before setting goals.

Making a big life goal pushes you to go the extra mile to ensure that all your dreams have been achieved. You are not satisfied with being average; therefore, you want to be above average.

It is good to set big life goals, which automatically makes you have high expectations. But remember to be realistic. Remember, you are a product of your environment. The kind of people surrounding you will either influence your attitude greatly or negatively.

From some of his articles, Sangram Lad emphasises attitude and goal achievement. Focus on maintaining positive mental health and do not shy away from having high expectations of your goals.

Spiritual & motivational public speaker, writer, author, healer and advisor.

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