What is personal ambition ?

Personal ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

Examples of personal ambitions

As you would expect, personal ambitions are very personal to the specific person, so everyone will have different ambitions to each other. These ambitions are typically to help to improve something in that person’s life or to carry out something that they have always wanted to do. Some of these include:


Setting goals can be an excellent way to improve your life. Goals can help to trigger new behaviours and are very helpful in guiding your focus to help you keep up a continuous momentum in your life. There are five important steps that are crucial for you to successfully set and attain goals. We will discuss and explain all of these steps so that you can start to take control over your life.

Set goals that motivate you

When setting goals, in order for you to stay motivated, it is important that you set goals that are inspiring rather than…

What Can A Life Coach Add To My Life?

There is a big chance you have heard of life coaches or encountered one. You might have a rough idea of what the coaching entails, but you are not sure of all the benefits. If you keep up with Sangram Lad, you probably have many life insights, but what’s one more.

At its basic, life coaching involves a relationship between the coach and coachee aimed at the development and personal growth. The coaches encourage their clients to make healthy decisions, reflect on their choices, thoughts and behaviours. Recently more people are noticing the tremendous benefits life coaching has. …

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Life Coach?

New Year is not the only time to come up with goals and resolutions. Thoughts are constantly evolving every day; goals help you visualize them and develop strategies to achieve them. It gets hard to set achievable goals, whether it’s for personal growth, professional or financial. Hiring a life coach will be beneficial in figuring all this out.

Everyone needs support to thrive; that’s what a life coach offers without judgement. People draw inspiration from different sources or people like Sangram Lad, but the one-on-one relationship with a coach is invaluable. …

Why Is Fasting Spiritual?


Fasting has always been associated with physical and medical benefits that have made it more popular in recent times. The body is normally deprived of food hence the body takes a break from processing food, feeds on fat stores and cells go on repair mode, regenerating new cells as old ones are destroyed.

The purpose for fasting helps with lowering blood insulin levels, weight loss, boosting the immune system, human growth hormone scale-up, lowering cholesterol, regeneration of cells, an extension of mortality, and reduction of inflammation.

Spiritual Fasting Soul Cleansing

Fasting, however, as taught by Sangram Lad has a spiritual aspect to it. It…

What Is The Best Way To Improve Life?


People are always on a quest to find ways to improve their lives. Philosophers have always come up with various aspects of what constitutes a good life and what makes it worth living for each one.

The driving force behind much of our behaviour is attributed to the need to satisfy psychological needs. These are key determinants in experiencing or improving life. Spirituality comes up as a basic element as a means embraced in improving life.

Embracing spiritual health is the best way to improve life. Sangram Lad is a healer and spiritual author. …

What are the Objectives of Fasting?

Sangram Lad

Many of us think that fasting is a duty we have to our God to show our love and devotion. While that might be true, fasting is also about us. It is not more about what we are giving up (food and drinks) but what we are making room for in the process; we exchange the essential things we need to survive for God and improved wellbeing. That said, here are a few objectives of fasting:

To cleanse the soul

Fasting provides a beautiful opportunity to remember that these bodies do not belong to us but to God. When you don’t eat, you give…

What Are The Benefits Of Fasting?

Sangram Lad

Fasting has recently become very popular. It is a practice that started years ago and was used in many religions and cultures. There are different ways to fast, the period may differ, and the amount of food you give up also varies. The most common fasting that people practice is between twenty-four to seventy-two hours. Food is directly linked to healthy living; each bite you take is either good or bad for your health. That is why there are many benefits to fasting.

Weight Loss

Many people take up fasting as an easy way to shed a few pounds. Denying yourself some…

Spiritual Health And Well-being During COVID-19

The pandemic has been one of the hardest and most challenging times in the history of the universe.

The pandemic came at an unexpected time and hit the world by storm. Naturally, it has had adverse impacts on society and everyone. The pandemic has affected people’s spirituality and general well-being. Therefore, taking care of your mind and body has never been so important as right now.

Spiritual Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

Spiritual health is one of the most challenging terms to define. It is an aspect of wellness that is achieved when you feel at peace with life. …

How To Set Goals For Yourself?

Many people set out to set goals and resolutions for themselves at the start of each year. They think about what they did last year, what they accomplished, and areas where they failed. Using this information, they then embark on a journey to create new dreams and hopes for the next twelve months.

Regrettably, not everyone understands the difference between a goal and a resolution. For those that do, very few of them know how to go about setting them and eventually achieving most, if not all of them. …

Sangram Lad

Spiritual & motivational public speaker, writer, author, healer and advisor.

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